Monday, July 18, 2011

An exerpt from one of Adam's most recent fantasies...Please, enjoy. I know I did. I'm Adam!

>>>(in this scene/fantasy, our hero, Adam, has brought some homemade burritos to work for his bosses to show just how much he appreciates their efforts. Ok. And here we go...)<<<

   OUR HERO, ADAM: "Here are those delicious special burritos I told you all about. I certainly hope you enjoy them!"  
EVIL BOSSES: "Mmm. Yes, Adam. Delicious. Yes. Quite delicious indeed. We love them. You must share the recipe. What is this delightful meat I'm tasting here? We love the meat. Please tell us about this heavenly meat that has graced our tastebuds. It is a delight! Please. Share with us this meat secret. This secret meat. Mmmm. Delightful meat."  
OUR HERO, ADAM: "Oh, the meat? What's the meat, you ask? Yes, well let me tell you...IT'S YOUR STUPID KIDS [and copious amounts of semen], YA' DUMB BITCH!! OH, YEAH! CHALK ONE UP FOR THE MOTHERFUCKIN HOME TEAM, BABY! YUP! I TOTALLY FILLETED & DICED YOUR DEMON SPAWN AND YOU JUST FUCKIN ATE 'EM [and copious amounts of semen], YOU AWFUL AWFUL PEOPLE! MOOOHOOHOOHAHAHAHA! YES! WHO IS THE DUMB ONE NOW? NOT ME! I DIDN'T JUST EAT *MY* KID [and copious amounts of semen]!!! I FUCKING WIN, CUNTS! WHO'S A DUMB CUNT? THAT'S YOU! FUCK YEAH IT IS! YOU'RE DUMB CUNTS! MOOOHOOOHOOHAHAHAHA YOU WANNA KNOW WHY? CUZ YOU JUST ATE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING MEAT MIDGETS [and copious amounts of semen]! BETTER BUY A BLACK DRESS! YA' KNOW? TO WEAR TO YOUR KID'S STUPID FUNERAL!! MOOOHOOOHOOHAHAHAHA CUZ YOU JUST FUCKIN ATE HIM [and copious amounts of semen]!!! HE'S INSIDE YOU [with copious amounts of semen]! Hahahaha WHOOO! Now that's good stuff! Bwoi, I tell you what! Alright then...You dumb bitches have a good day. Good stuff." (chuckles to self)

>>>(scene/fantasy ends.)<<<<

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